My name is Charlie

I am 14 years old and I am autistic. Being autistic means that my brain works a bit differently from most people. I started having art lessons when I was 9 years old. I love art because it’s decorative and I can create beautiful art pieces. Swimming and gaming are my other favourite activities.

I’m learning how to run my own micro-business. I hope you enjoy having a look at my art. Read more about the Charlie By Art Microenterprise here or follow me on Facebook or Instagram.

Art Design for the Premier of Victoria

I am very proud to tell you that the Premier of Victoria, Dan Andrews​ asked me to create an artwork for his 2019 Christmas card. This is what I drew.

The Premier asked if I could include some construction in the artwork so I added cranes, trains and a tunnel boring machine. I really love how beautiful Melbourne is when there is a sunset. Underneath the city is a rainbow serpent to help protect Melbourne.

On the back of the card, there is a story about me too.
The Premier is sending out the cards to lots of people all over Victoria and Australia. Thank you to the Premier for asking me to do this. 

Original Artwork Greeting Cards


Charlie is one of Overnewton’s superstars. Apart from his obvious creativity, Charlie is quite the entrepreneur. He is always cheerful, works hard and he always strives to look out for the needs of others – wonderful attributes for a person setting up his own little business. 

Jim Laussen, Principal, Overnewton Anglican Community College

Charlie’s cards are wonderful.
Bright, cheerful and quirky.
Perfect to send.

Ainslie, happy customer

Charlie"s cards are gorgeous!

Kathleen, happy customer

These cards are wonderful, along with the unique designs, the quality of the stock is really great. I can use these cards for any purpose throughout the year.

Claire, happy customer

Psst, wanna hear about what I've got coming up?

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